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Whats new in version 2.70
New [Adventure Log] (Head to the Kingdom Map at Castle Lv 4 to unlock): Complete Adventure Quests to earn rewards. Increase your Adventure Lv to get [Adventure Lv Rewards] New [Dragon Arena Trial]: Kingdoms that are younger than 60 days will experience the Trial once a week Kingdom Clash opens in advance!
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Description of Lords Mobile: Tower Defense

Lords Mobile is a multiplayer online battle arena, also known as MOBA, with amazing 3D graphics, a lot of heroes and really fast-paced battles on which you’ll have to show who is the Lord of the battlefield. Download Lords Mobile now on your Android device and you’ll get hours (some players spend years) of unlimited fun!

In this intense and detailed MOBA, you’ll have one very simple task: create a massive empire to become the one and only Lord that can unite all Kingdoms after the fall of the Emperor. Seems easy, but you’ll need to recruit heroes and design a powerful army full of strategy, magic and FUN! Are you ready to conquer the world?

One of the most popular features of Lords Mobile is the 5v5 gameplay mode on which you’ll face real opponents from other places around the world. Once you download Lords Mobile on your Android device, you’ll find the tutorial that explains everything you need to know to start defeating your enemies in this three-lane fight against your enemies' towers. With a bit more practice, you’ll start discovering all the complex details about heroes, troops and hidden magic. Lords Mobile is a big world of fantasy and courage and you’ll need to earn your progress!

The matchmaking system in Lords Mobile is well-known for being extremely quick and accurate. In just a few seconds you’ll start an intense and fast-paced battle against the right player, which guarantees that the fight is always fair and leveled.

In such a big world, there can only be a vast number of characters that can join your army and become your heroes. The selection is massive, and you’ll be able to recruit a lot of different types of them, like tangs, mages, support heroes, dwarves and even mermaids. You can show how good your strategy is once you combined all these in your preferred troop formations.

In Lords Mobile you’ll never be alone, since all the action takes place in a digital world on which you’ll find thousands of players from everywhere in the world. With such an incredible number of global players you’ll find the right fighters to ally with, and the perfect match for intense fast-paced battles. Make sure you do everything it takes to defeat anyone that stands on your way to victory.

One of the most important features in Lords Mobile is the possibility to forge alliances. You’ll be able to join guilds composed by other online players and join forces in the battles for glory. There are several events related to alliances, like Guild Wars, Battle Royals, Wonder Wars... but the most important part is making sure your guild is as strong as it takes!

Lords Mobile comes with a built-in livestreaming feature that you can use to show the world your amazing fighting skills and strategy, or to browse in the library of other players’ streams and enjoy the show. It comes with pretty useful filters so you can find the heroes, rank or types that you’re looking for.

With such detailed heroes, troops, game modes and fighting system, Lords Mobile can only feature the best quality of graphics, with colorful and detailed characters and landscapes that bring all the fun to the battlefield. Combined with amazing music and sound effects, Lords Mobile becomes one of those games that can be enjoyed for hours.

The controls in Lords Mobile are especially optimized for Android devices, which means that you’ll have the usual joystick on the left of your screen and the buttons to unleash powers and abilities on the right.

These offer quite a high level of customization options, including an auto-aiming feature for you not to miss an enemy!

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